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raising aspirations & confidence

west cumbria is an isolated community lacking opportunities and experiences that are the

norm in most areas.


our delivery area scores high on incidences of deprivation. This creates low aspirations and a feeling that there is nothing for us with local young people.


we aim to raise aspirations, confidence and knowledge of the opportunities that are in our area to combat this.

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rewards for actions

this scheme promotes and rewards young people through their own efforts whilst addressing personal, social, academic & health issues. Young people ‘collect’ points which are then ‘spent’ by participating in trips and activities of their choice. Points are collected through engagement in informal educational workshops, carrying out community tasks and completing nationally accredited awards.


through this project we instil a sense of personal pride, ownership and confidence. We reward young people for their positive actions. They are supported to carry out good deeds in the local community which gain local media coverage and thus create a positive image of young people.


young people learn by taking part in workshops and gain nationally accredited awards which enhance and add real value to CV’s. This is a very encompassing, developmental project that runs throughout the fabric of our organisation.

phoenix role models 

this award winning scheme was launched in 2016. It is an idea developed by The Phoenix Youth Project, in collaboration with the Sellafield BEP team and

Carr’s Engineering Group.


it was born out of a simple idea that we have all been influenced by role models in our lives, helping us to believe in ourselves and achieve our full potential. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have these people in their circle of influence. The aim is for ‘role models’ to attend an evening youth work session, spending time with the young people and youth workers. We believe that bringing young people and positive role models together in an informal setting is more likely to provide quality engagement than within a formal educational environment.

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our awards

our programmes aim to demonstrate to young people that it is possible for anyone to have a successful career, in particular those from similar backgrounds to themselves. How role models choose to engage at the session is up to them. The idea is to do something fun or interesting that is inspirational to young people or that simply creates a great discussion.


our schemes increase aspirations and the knowledge of opportunities that are in our local area. The programme has won the Best Business Community Challenge of the Year Award at the West Cumbria Community Heroes Awards (2017) and has been a finalist at the Sellafield Awards (2018) and the Jelf Charity Business Awards (2019).

we nurture & celebrate success

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